Much of this information can also be found in your Aspire Breeze 2 User Manual, included with your Breeze 2 Kit.

Coils & Accessories for the Aspire Breeze 2

The Breeze 2 is compatible with both the Aspire Breeze 2 Coils and the original Aspire Breeze Coils. Other coil types may not be compatible. Get coils at the links below!

Breeze Replacement Coil 5-pack - 0.6 ohm coils, best for use standard e-liquids

Breeze 2 Replacement Coil 5-pack - 1.0 ohm coils, can be used with standard e-liquids or nicotine salt formulations

Aspire A/C Wall Adapter - wall adapter for charging your Breeze 2 mod

Filling Your Aspire Breeze 2 

  1. Squeeze the pod release buttons on each side of the device to release and remove the pod system.
  2. Turn the pod upside-down and lift the silicon seal.
  3. Place the filling bottle/dropper into the pod filling hole.
  4. Squeeze the filling bottle/dropper bulb to add your preferred e-juice into the pod system.
  5. Replace the silicone seal firmly.
  6. Re-insert the pod into the power unit, and push down firmly until it 'clicks' into place.


  • When using a new coil, let the pod stand for 3 minutes after filling so the ¬†cotton can be saturated with juice before use.
  • Do not let the pod become completely empty. Refill the pod to avoid dry burning or damage to the coil.

  • Do not fill your Breeze 2 Pod with e-liquid unless a coil is installed in your pod.

Installing a New Coil

  1. Pull to remove the drip tip section.
  2. Unscrew and pull out the chimney unit (this is the airflow control ring and the attached coil - it will come out in one piece).
  3. Detach the coil from the airflow control ring and replace it with a new coil.
  4. Screw the chimney unit back to the pod system.
  5. Replace the drip tip section.

Adjusting Airflow

To adjust the airflow of your Breeze 2, remove the drip tip/mouthpiece from your pod and rotate the airflow control ring at the top of the Breeze 2 Pod. You do not need to remove the chimney unit (airflow control and coil) to adjust airflow.

Using Your Aspire Breeze 2

  • Pressing the fire button five times within two seconds will turn your device on or off. The indicator light at the bottom of the pod system will flash blue & orange three times to indicate that your device has been turned off or on.
  • When the Breeze 2 is on, pressing the fire button will activate your device so that you can vape. While the button is pressed, the indicator light at the bottom of the pod system will come on and will show your device's current charge.
    • Above 3.8V (charged) the light will be blue and orange
    • Between 3.8V and 3.5V (medium charge) the light will be blue only
    • Below 3.5V (time to charge your device) the light will be orange only
  • Automatic Cutoff - the preset continuous fire time is 10 seconds. After 10 seconds of continuous firing, your Breeze 2 will stop firing. It will fire again when the button is pressed again.
  • Short Circuit Protection - when the Breeze 2 detects a short, it will stop firing, and the LED indicator light will flash blue and orange 2 or 3 times depending on where the short has occurred.
    • Changing your coil may help resolve this issue
  • Low Voltage Protection - when your battery drops below 3.2V, the Breeze 2 will not function and the LED light will flash orange 15 times to remind you to charge your Breeze 2.
  • Overcharge Protection - when the Breeze 2 is fully charged, it will stop charging to prevent overcharging of your battery.
    • Please note we recommend monitoring all batteries and devices while charging, and removing fully charged batteries from your charger promptly once charged

Charging Your Breeze 2

  • Charge your Aspire Breeze 2 via the MicroUSB port located on the side of your device, using the included MicroUSB cable in your kit. Using an alternate cable is not recommended.
  • Maximum charge current for the Aspire Breeze 2 can reach up to 800mA.
  • When the USB cable is attached the Breeze 2 indicator light will flash blue and orange three times.
  • While charging the LED will indicate the Breeze 2's current charge status.
    • 3.5V or less - orange light
    • 3.5V to 3.8V - blue light
    • 3.8V and above - both blue and orange lights
    • When your Breeze 2 is fully charged the LED will flash blue and orange 20 times and then remain off
  • Use a standard wall charger to charge your device. We recommend the Aspire A/C Wall Adapter for use with Aspire devices. Using a cell phone charger, fast charger, or other charger may be dangerous and may damage your device.

Please review the Lithium-Ion Battery Warnings and Usage Information in our Terms of Service for more information about battery charging and use.