Giant Vapes is a retailer of e-liquid (and e-cigarette hardware) but we don't manufacture, mix, or bottle any e-liquid ourselves. Every product we carry is manufactured by the individual company who makes it, like Suicide Bunny, Space Jam, Teleos, or Beantown Vapor, and sent to us already bottled and sealed. 

While this means that we cannot provide custom flavor mixes, PG/VG ratios, or nicotine strengths for our customers, it also means that every product you receive from us is exactly as the creator of each flavor intended.

We do, however, have a few blends that are near and dear to us, as our owners and employees helped with the concepts behind these flavors. The GV2 - The GV All-Stars line, for example, is mixed and manufactured by G2 Vapor, but each flavor was conceived and voted on by employees of Giant Vapes! Alexa, Laude, and Lindsay are the hard-working, behind-the-scenes, All-Star employees who came up with each flavor, and then the master mixologists at G2 Vapor brought those blends to life in e-liquid form.