On A Computer

Your rewards points balance can be found at the top of any Giant Vapes page! First, be sure that you're logged into your account by clicking "Sign In" or "My Account" on the blue bar at the top of the web site. Once you've signed in, you'll see your rewards points displayed in that same blue bar, between "Blog" and "Contact Us". You can click on your points balance to open up the rewards window, where you can redeem rewards or view your detailed points balance!

On Mobile Devices

If you're visiting us via your cell phone or tablet, you'll see a tab at the bottom of your device's screen that says "Rewards". Just log into your Giant Vapes account and touch that tab to view your points and redeem your rewards!

If you're unable to see your points or open the rewards panel, please feel free to call us at 855-482-7375, ext. 1, or email us and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to check your points balance, and can even redeem your rewards for you if you'd like!