The tracking number for your USPS shipment, whether it's First Class Mail or Priority, usually takes between 12 and 24 hours from the time the label is created to update in the tracking system. All Giant Vapes shipments are delivered to the United States Postal Service the day that you receive your tracking number, so once you have your tracking number, USPS does have your package, and it is in transit to you!

But my tracking page only says the shipment was picked up. Is it still in Rhode Island?

Great question! USPS will frequently only update your tracking information to show that your order has been picked up, and then scan it again when your order is out for delivery. This means that your tracking information won't show you exactly where your package is, but don't worry - the postal service has your order in transit to you, and the tracking page will update again as soon as it reaches your local post office. However, if it has been more than the estimated delivery span (more than three full business days for Priority Mail shipments or more than five full business days for First Class Mail shipments) you're welcome to contact our customer service department via email, chat or phone, and one of our representatives can attempt to get more up-to-date tracking information from USPS for you! 

Please note that all USPS delivery timeframes are estimated, and not guaranteed, even if there is a delivery date listed on your tracking information. While most orders arrive on the estimated delivery day, some packages may take a few additional days to arrive in your local post office and be delivered by your mail carrier!