The PG/VG blend in your e-liquid will vary by manufacturer, and sometimes even by flavor.  We do not manufacture or bottle any e-liquids ourselves, so we are unable to offer custom PG/VG ratios.  All of our e-liquids come in the PG/VG ratio chosen and blended by the manufacturer, which is listed on the product page for each flavor. 

That said, we have e-liquids in a lot of different PG/VG ratios! You can find flavors that are made with a specific PG/VG ratio by using the search panel on the front page of the site under "I'm Looking For" or you can use the search filters on our site to view only e-liquids that come in a specific PG/VG ratio. 

If you have questions about the PG/VG ratios in any of the flavors we carry, feel free to send an email to our customer service team - we'll be happy to help you find the e-liquids you need!